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Produced by

Festival DME / Lisboa Incomum / Casa Municipal da Cultura de Seia​
*special thanks to Hugo Freire

What i did:

Co-Composer / Co-Video Director / Performer
In collaboration with Camila Menino

“As young artists, we seek to direct our own production towards creating opportunities for reflection and discussion that result in sociocultural intervention actions. In this way, we seek to instigate the public's reflection, awakening concerns that result in small personal revolutions, with the objective that, one day, it may be possible to reach a new world, socially egalitarian and sensitive to the truths of each one.

If it has always been an issue for us, grandchildren of rural people, it is now increasingly clear that the routines of large urban centers are a source of stress, closure and the proliferation of diseases. A TERRA DOS SORRISOS TAPADOS seeks to contrast the lifestyle of the city where we are forced to grow up and make life with the dream of returning to the countryside, taking a deep breath, waking up with the birds and saying “Good morning” to the neighbor.

In this narrative, presented in a multimedia concert mode (for video, trumpet, percussion and electronics), we will explore the vision of a heterogeneous collective character, composed of the real, parallel and intergenerational testimonies of those who lived in the countryside or were born in the city - these testimonies will be collected over four months, in seven locations in the north and centre, coast and interior of Portugal: Viana do Castelo, Póvoa de Varzim, Porto, Chaves, Torre de Moncorvo, Campo Benfeito and Seia. It is important to emphasize that A TERRA DOS SORRISOS TAPADOS will certainly be the first step of a prolonged work that will allow us to start a process of deep reflection on the interventional utility of artistic creation and the way of life we ​​want for our future”

Camila Salomé Menino and Manuel Brásio

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