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Sons de Bolso

2020 - 2022

Produced by

What i did:

Composer / Producer / Performer


Sons de Bolso transforms the street into the concert hall, linking new music to a geographic space. It is an unconventional and unprecedented way of exploring the Portuguese cultural heritage, offering exclusive artistic content that allows the public new ways of interacting with the surrounding space. Secular places are enhanced with an innovative dimension that combines with History, challenging the traditional and the classic. The geolocated musical pieces are original works by Portuguese composers, related to the theme of democracy and individual and collective freedoms conquered over time.

For this project of Interferência, i've produced "Au Revoir" 

for Percussion, Singer and Whispers.

And you only can listen the full version at CEVIDE, Melgaço, Portugal

"Au Revoir is a manufactured memory but it could be any of us.
A ghost letter left for anyone who wants to hear it. For the memory of those who left, for the longing for those who stayed. It's a goodbye with no certainty of return.
There so close, the abyss, the uncertainty, the fear, the longing, the leap."



Andrea Conangla • voz cantada e sussurro I
Teresa Silva, Tiago Batista, Nuno Areia, José Silva, José Tiago Baptista • sussurros II
Luís Neto • captação e master
Manuel Brásio • composição, percussão, electrónica e mistura

Município de Melgaço
Abel Marques
Salda Silva
Mário Monteiro
Amigos de Cevide


Agradecimentos Especiais
António Cerqueira e FAIJ, autores das cartas que foram usadas para a criação desta peça e que originalmente foram publicadas no jornal “Notícias de Melgaço” nos anos de 1956 e 1957.

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