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Manuel Brásio

Porto / Viana do Castelo

Currently working with:
▲ as producer ▪ director ▪ composer  performer 

⭓ Digitópia/Casa da Música as media artist  performer 

short bio:

Musician and Creative with work directed towards research in pedagogy and the creation of new music in fields as diverse as instrumental and concert music, theater sound design, dance and media.

Freelance drummer and percussionist; professor and researcher in the areas of musical creativity;
Surviving member of AISCA, founder and director of INTERFERÊNCIA with José Tiago Baptista;
Also collaborates at Digitópia/Casa da Música.

Have a degree in Composition at ESMAE; Master in Multimedia: Interactive Music and Sound Design from FEUP; Composer edited by and mpmp.
He still believes in artistic creation as an interventional weapon for a social revolution.

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