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Bom dia Sophia


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What i did:


BOM DIA SOPHIA was conceived based on sound elements characteristic of the operation of a computer.
These sounds were captured, analyzed and converted into musical ideas that would suit the musical language of the oboe. This piece explores an aspect that interests me a lot, creativity and the process of choosing the performer at the time of the performance. Despite the two strictly rigid pages, the oboist has a central 2 min to explore a set of phrases, which, despite being very concrete, free him from formal constraints, thus allowing him to explore them and present a performance more suited to his taste and technical abilities.

BOM DIA SOPHIA is a commission from Antena 2 / RTP for the Young Musicians Award 2018. Thank you."
Manuel Brásio, January 2018

transferir - 2020-03-22T181215.906.jpeg

Manuel Brásio: Composição
Oboé Solo: Marlene Gomes
Encomenda Prémio Jovens Músicos 2018
Partitura || Edições mpmp:
Gravação Set/2018 com o apoio Fablab Porto e INTERFERÊNCIA

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