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Olá quando vens cá?


Produced by

What i did:

Music and Video

Tiago Azevedo: Violoncelo
Pedro Pereira: Electric Guitar

With " Olá, quando vens cá?"
I try to explore my multimedia skills in creating a solo show where I assume the roles of creator - of music and video - and performer.

This project develops from a set of concerns related to the mental health of someone who is very dear to me. Part of the confrontation with a drastic emotional change, the loss of personality, the desire to sing and talk. From the progressive desire to laugh to laughter. From these emotional weaknesses, we will set off on an audiovisual journey where we will seek to reflect on the human condition, the limits of the perception of reality and the certainty of fiction. About the life we ​​would like to have and the path we take to achieve it.


The performance will consist of a set of audiovisual boards and controlled improvisation games where a palette of pre-conceived sounds and images will be used to create a semi-improvised performance.

Real sound manipulated, digital synthesizers, pre-recorded instrumental lines and text in human voice from the imperceptible murmur to the deafening scream.

 is a story without words, a tribute, an exercise in almost selfish liberation, an alert to what time has in store for us.

It's a sound portrait that reminds me of a universe of memories that aren't mine, of a trip I didn't take. They are intermittent reports of stories that I have not lived but that I have heard all my life.

At the same time, it is an exercise in reflection on the time that passes, on awareness and perception of the world around us, on our own mental health. About life's choices and dreams, and the inevitable end of the line that slowly approaches.

A whisper that sows chaos, an inaudible hallucination and yet so real. A cage of panic lined with unshakable memories.

A repetitive conversation starter that I can't reassure: “Hello.. when are you coming here?”



Manuel Brasio

Campo Benfeito, August 2020 “

The full video:

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